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If you are looking for additional measures to take to ensure the safety and security of your home, you definitely should consider outdoor lighting as one method for deterring potential burglars and thieves.

Motion sensor PIR (Passive infra-red) lamps are the most commonly used lights for outdoor security lights because they turn on when they detect motion. Therefore, whenever someone walks onto your property in an area that a PIR lamp covers, you will be alerted to their presence because the light turns on.

These lights are also very convenient to have around the exterior of your home to added visibility and safety when you are attempting to do tasks outside at night.

LED floodlights are the most effective bulb to use in a motion sensor light. They last for years longer than many other lights and are extremely energy and cost efficient.

The effectiveness and purpose of yard and outdoor lights vary depending on where the lights are installed. If you are making a lighting plan from scratch, consider the following:

  • Instal lights only in places that you can see from inside your home. Lighting areas that you cannot see is not logical and may even unintentionally provide an intruder with light to get to your home.
  • Having PIRs at doorways and porches provides security and safety by deterring intruders from approaching doorways as well as providing light for you when searching for your keys to enter your home or taking something out at night.
  • Only install PIR lights around your driveway or garage if you can see those lights turn on from inside your home. That way, you are sure to be notified if someone is on your property. If you cannot see these lights, you are then drawing attention to your car unknowingly.

One of the main takeaways from this should be to provide your home with enough security to deter potential burglars while also staying inconspicuous enough to fly under a burglar’s radar when selection a residence to loot.¬†