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Philips Lighting has just revealed its Philips Hue white ambiance connected light bulbs.

So whats the big deal? Well, these bulbs are designed to feature more natural-seeming light. In the mornings, the lights gradually get brighter, easing people into the day. In the evenings, the lights dim to ease into bedtime.

The lights also feature different temperatures of light from a cool daylight to a warm white. This feature can be adjusted by dimmer or via app on a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more? These smart bulbs can be programmed with to do different things at different times of the day. At night, a nightlight lessons exposure to blue lights that hinder sleep cycles. During daytime, light can be tweaked for different tasks like working, reading, cooking, getting ready, or winding down.

Chris Worp, leader of Philips home light business, recently stated, “We’re at the start of a phenomenal shift in the industry with Philips Hue lighting system for the home. It enables consumers to create entirely new experiences.” Worp went on to add, “Philips Hue white ambiance is the ultimate white light bulb, offering the full spectrum white light to complement your daily routines, whether it’s to wake you up naturally, feel energized, or fall asleep peacefully.”

When the Philipe Hue white ambiance is introduced this spring, they will be released in a starter kit with two bulbs, a bridge to support Apple HomeKit, and a dimmer switch.

With the ability to acutely curate the lights in your home, you can discover what kind of light works best for you during the times and days you determine. You now will have the freedom of creating the quintessential mood you desire for your home at any given time, regardless of what mood that happens to be — you now bring it into illumination.