Not only is deciding on a lighting plan for the interior of your home a huge task to take on and commit to, but the lighting for your property outside can also be a huge undertaking. Not all home owners make choice decisions for their exterior lighting, however, a well-planned and carefully thought-out outdoor lighting plan can transform your home and yard into THE site to see on your block.

Here are some interesting and fun ideas for lighting the exterior of your home and yard.

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Light The Way

Installing lights along a path, whether it be the path leading up to your front door or a path mapped out somewhere else, these lights give a guiding, comforting feeling to you and your guests. Setting these lights a good distance apart guides the eye to naturally look down the path.

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Color And Texture

Placing lights in areas with interesting plants, trees, flowers, and other natural details gives a visual appeal you would otherwise lose in the dark.

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Moon Lighting

Moon lighting refers to placing lights high up in your tallest trees to give the illusion that the moon is shining down on any given evening. With smaller trees, you can light them from below to add an additional dimension to your yard lighting, whether it be in your front or back yard. These lighting techniques are also great for lighting around a patio or sitting area because they aren’t harsh or direct on your guests, which gives them the feeling that there is a spotlight on them.

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Hardscape Lighting

This refers to adding lights to the underside of stone or hard features in your yard. If you have stone walls with areas to add lights that can be hidden, those are perfect places to place flexible strands of LED lights. You may need a professional to help you instal these, but they look fantastic around an outdoor grilling area.