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Before attempting to create a lighting design for your home, you should know the basic types of lighting. They are broken down into three types:

Ambient – Task – Accent

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Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting fills the entire room. Without direct streams or glare, you should be able to traverse a room safely and work on something or read effectively. Ideally, ambient lighting should be in every room and can be sourced from chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, and track lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting comes in many varieties and serves many purposes. Essentially, it provides light for a specific purpose. Whether it be cooking, reading, or working on an intricate craft, the light is essential to fulfilling these tasks. Track lighting, pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, portable floor lamps, and desk lamps are all kinds of task lighting. These forms of lighting should prevent eye-strain from whatever task is being done.

Accent Lighting

While accent lighting isn’t mandatory for the safety or efficiency of a room, it is still very important to the mood and feel of the entire home. Accent lights add drama and highlight other visual pieces in a room. Recessed and track lighting are common modes of accent lighting. Wall-mounted picture lights also are great examples of accent lighting set in place for a specific purpose. Drawing the eye to a special feature of a home like a brick wall or mounted carpet, as well as to a piece of art or a houseplant, accent lighting can transform an otherwise mundane area┬áinto a masterpiece.

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